How the Splat-Tag was Born

It was roughly a month before Christmas 2014 when I decided to try something new. The plan was to make Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews instead of buying them yet more toys. I wanted to give them something different which they could keep and could keep and appreciate for years to come.

While searching for inspiration at the local craft store, I came across a foam-board used for crafting and wondered whether I use it to cut out the names of my extended family. I then thought that I could stick the names on to a canvas background and make them colourful by splattering paint all over it.

Once I saw the results I wanted to do more. I realised that this was an incredibly versatile product and became flooded with ideas for collections. I also got some great feedback from my family and friends, who encouraged me to take it further. They helped me to to believe in the potential of this product. I wanted to make something different of my own, so I did and the ‘Splat-tag’ was born.

The name ‘Splat-tag’ was actually said by accident by a friend. I was going to call them ‘Splatted canvas’s’, but when my friend accidently called them ‘Splat-tags’ we thought it sounded much better.

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