What inspires my Art?

What inspires my Art?

This blog is about some of the things which I feel has influenced and inspired me through the years as an artist. It should give you a small insight to the kind of things I enjoyed looking at growing up and still enjoy today. These are the things that have helped to shape me into the artist I now am.

One of the main influences for my artwork is the Hip-Hop culture which came out of the Bronx area of New York in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Although I enjoyed the music and the break-dancing, it was the bright colours and the clever use of letters used in the graffiti art which inspired me the most. Often my art emulates some of the styles and forms of graffiti I have seen from artists around the world.

Another big influence for me is comic book artwork. Anything from the Marvel superheroes to the more simplistic comic-strip characters such as Snoopy or Garfield. As a teenager 2000 AD comics was my personal favourite. It was the amazing artwork in these comics which made me want to illustrate my own ideas for characters and comic-strips.

I am also influenced by by artwork seen in our everyday popular culture, such as television and magazine advertisements.

My faith in Jesus Christ is another big influence in some of my artwork. I have taken ideas from stories, sayings and versus in the bible to illustrate in my own way, often giving it a modern urban twist.

All these things have have greatly inspired me and made my artwork what it is today.

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