Back to the Future Day

As you may be well aware 2015 is the 30th anniversary of the classic Sci-Fi film first screened in 1985 ‘Back to the Future’.

All loyal Back to the Future fans will also know that October the 21st is a very important day in the history of the film. It is the exact day in which Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty Mcfly (Michael J.Fox) travel to from 1985 in the second film.

The future is not quite the same as portrayed in the film, with flying cars and hover-boards. There has however, been much talk about the infamous ‘Nike Air Mags’ with self tightening laces being released to the public. Although the product has not been released to the public the futuristic trainer has been made by Nike and recently tested by Michael J. Fox.

As a tribute the classic trilogy and the hype about the possible release of the ‘Mag’ trainer, I created my latest piece of Art.
Thanks to the creative discussions and inspirational ideas of two of my close friends this would not of happened. The initial idea to make an outlined image of the Nike ‘Mag’ and fill in the segments of the trainer with images from the films was made by my friend, a Back to the future enthusiast. As I started drawing the picture I decided to to fill in the segments with different parts of the ‘De-lorean time machine’, merging two famous elements of the film together.

Due to good timing and the current relevance of the films hype my picture got a great response from the public. As an Artist it was great to contribute to a current event such as this which is also a much loved and memorable part of my life.

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