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Faith and Art

Since as far back as I can remember I have loved cartoons and comics. Trying from a young age to create my own characters and story lines based on things I had seen. My older brother was also a big inspiration to me. I could see that he was really good at drawing and that [...]

How the Splat-Tag was Born

It was roughly a month before Christmas 2014 when I decided to try something new. The plan was to make Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews instead of buying them yet more toys. I wanted to give them something different which they could keep and could keep and appreciate for years to come. While [...]

Zealous Shield – Cosha Don

Check out the recent Hip Hop project I got involved with, original illustrations for up and coming Hip Hop artist Cosha Don, with his debut album entitled 'Zealous Shield.' The concept is set in the future, in a post-apocoliptic world where death and destruction is rife! The Cosha Don character is loosely based on Captain [...]